goto conference 2014

4 minute read 10 November 2014

My notes from the goto conference Berlin 2014:


Opening Keynote: Software Design in the 21st Century - Martin Fowler

We, developers, take responsibility in the code we write.
We cannot simply say: "I implemented that because I was told so".
Avoid dark patterns.

We are not code monkeys.

Aeron: The Next Generation in Open-Source High-Performance Messaging - Martin Thompson

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Aeron is a OSI layer 4 Transport for message oriented streams. is simply impressive, achieving a very low latency.
I'd like to see an integration of Aeron in Akka cluster.

similar talk

Writing highly Concurrent Polyglot Applications with Vert.x - Tim Fox

It was a good introduction to Vert.x.
But I was expecting more than an introduction.

Fast Analytics on Big Data - Petr Maj and Tomas Nykodym


Presentation of an ML runtime for bigdata.

Code With Spark API

TODO: have a look at

Security Architecture for the SmartHome - Jacob Fahrenkrug


A good presentation about the future threats of connected objects and the solution yetu implements.

Graph All The Things!! Graph Database Use Cases That Aren't Social - Emil Eifrem


very good presentation of Neo4j.
We should use a graph database where it make sense - the search queries are much easier to write / read, and the performance very good.

Party Keynote: Staying Ahead of the Curve - Trisha Gee



Morning Keynote: Excellence Culture & Humane Keeping of Techies - Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck

a very good keynote, very funny and true at the same time.

Aerospike: Flash-optimized, High-Performance noSQL database for All - Khosrow Afroozeh


A new database on my radar - impressive.

Docker - A Lot Changed in a Year - Chris Swan


Docker is maturating.
Just do not forget that "containers do not contain" -> no complete security between container and host, and between containers.

The Joys and Perils of Interactive Development - Stuart Sierra


New Concurrency Utilities in Java 8 - Angelika Langer


  • Future API is becoming usable, it is now possible to chain futures and callbacks.
  • new StampedLock is optimized for reading. (personal note: but lock-free algorithms should be preferred, like in Lock-Based vs Lock-Free Concurrent Algorithms)
Adaptive Planning - Beyond User Stories - Gojko Adzic

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Gojko Adzic really thinks agile. Good presentation of how to make better user stories.
Do not describe a desired behavior but a behavior change.