DevOpsDays Berlin 2013

5 minute read 08 May 2013

direct from DevOpsDay Berlin 2013, my notices:

Program Videos

Day #1

From the presentation from Immobilienscout - Marcel Wolf, Felix Sperling

  • Dev AM rotation: exchange between Dev and Ops
  • Self service VM
  • unique configuration server, accessible to anyone

DevTools team at Etsy - Daniel Schauenberg

Day #2

How the QA team got Prezi ready for DevOps - Peter Neumark

  • presentation
  • Like the error handling: "When blame inevitably arises, the most senior people in the room should repeat this mantra: if a mistake happens, shame on us for making it so easy to make that mistake". Very similar to risk management culture.

Podularity FTW! - Tim Lossen

  • slides
  • team = autonomous cell (even technological stack, product...)
  • The organization is a supercell, bindings autonomous cells together.
  • Lunch roulette
  • Interesting question from the audience about the business continuity: if each team can choose its technological stack, is not it a problem then the team change, and when the new members do not know the new stack he is working with? Tim answered that it was indeed a problem the organization though of, but in practice, it never happened.
    I like this approach that I could try to summarize like this: do not spend your time trying to avoid problems, but solve real problem that exist.

Island Life: How we built and deployed the Honshū way - Wes Mason

  • from one monolith app to several islands like components

Other notices:

  • robot for chat room to post more information
  • secrets are hard to deploy in a secure way
  • distributed file system: ceph
    more info: Ceph: A scalable, high-performance distributed file system (2006)
  • to manage linux containers. The demo was impressive, deploying one version and then another one in a few minutes.
  • Discussion with who use Scala / Finagle with Thrift.
    Storage of statistics with OpenTSDB
  • LiveRebel: ZeroTurnaround made a presentation of LiveRebel
    LiveRebel contains some versions of the application.
    These versions can be uploaded, manually or automatically (maven plugin, command line tool...)

    Then LiveRebel can deploy a specific version on production (or staging...)
    For this, an agent is running on each server.

    LiveRebel can deploy to one server, check it with some configured smoke test.
    If the test is successful, the server is activated on the cluster, and the deployment process continues with the next server.

    Liquibase is used to deploy a version to a database.